Andrew House

While he certainly doesn't have the relatable charm of Shuhei Yoshida or the brazen showmanship of Jack Tretton, Andrew House is slowly joining the newly evolved breed of recognizable and lovable Sony figureheads. Perhaps indulging in a few more blatant jabs at the opposition – like this memorable humdinger from GamesCom – would see him carve a more sizeable hole into our collective consciousness. Whatever the case, a recent interview with the SCE president reveals that he's feeling pretty chuffed about the PlayStation 4's release.

"I’m more excited about this console launch than any of the ones that we’ve done previously," he said to The Guardian recently. "The decision to slightly stagger the launches has played out extremely well for us, and I’m really pleased with our ability to deliver a good supply of consoles into the markets at launch." However, he acknowledges the need for a consistent stream of production through the end of the year if the system is to reach its target of five million units by the end of March. "The goal was to have a very good number for the initial launch," House continued. "The goal then will be to follow that up as quickly as possible, with another tranche of supply prior to Christmas. Then the plan is to keep our production at a sufficient state to at least, by and large, meet demand, if not fully address it."

As for the system's launch lineup, the executive feels its debut titles speak volumes about the company's philosophy. He's particularly fond of the oft-maligned Knack, noting that "I think it was a great statement of intent to have something in the launch line-up that was not only exclusive, but also addresses a family audience, and is maybe easier to pick up and play". The PlayStation boss also admits that while third-party exclusives are becoming more and more of a rarity, Sony is still only interested in games that show off its hardware in unique and interesting ways. What do you make of the executive's comments? Do you think that he could be the next Yoshida or Cerny? Get down to business in the comments section below.