Toys R Us
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"F5! F5! F5!"

Shopping online can be a bit of a gamble when availability is low. As such, you may be forgiven for not wanting to pin your PlayStation 4 hopes on an unfair race to the checkout screen. Unfortunately, with Sony’s next generation system in short supply, it may represent your best hope of getting a console before Christmas.

According to a Tech Trend newsletter, Toys 'R' will have fresh PS4 consoles available from 09:00AM EST (06:00AM PST) on Wednesday, 18th December. Assuming that you order before 15:00PM EST (12:00AM PST) the next day – and let’s be honest, they’re not going to stay in stock that long – you’ll be guaranteed delivery before Santa slips down your chimney.

It’s not entirely clear whether this fresh supply will be available in-store, too, but you may want to contact your local branch if you don’t want to put your mouse and keyboard skills to the test. Meanwhile, it’s worth mentioning that new USA-based consoles will be available in Walmart this Sunday. Have you managed to track down a system yet? Refresh the page in the comments section below.