For all of the players

Sony’s straddled a fine line with the DualShock 4. While the platform holder’s marketing message for the PlayStation 4 has centred on hardcore gamers, the company also wanted to construct a controller that would not intimidate newcomers. And according to group president Andrew House, the device’s less daunting elements include its on-board touchpad and light bar.

“We feel that we have developed a controller interface that is equal accessible to the hardest of hardcore gamers who will get the fullest benefits out of their gaming experiences,” he told French website JeuxVideo, “but when used in combination with the camera or using the touchpad, is very, very easily accessible even to the person that is playing games for the first time.”

We reckon that there’ll need to be more titles that take full advantage of these features before House’s statement really resonates, but we can certainly see how the additional functionality will help in the future. Augmented reality application The Playroom is currently the best demonstration of these additional gimmicks, but is little more than a technology demo in its present guise.

Still, we’re big fans of the PS4’s primary input device, and reckon that it’s easily the best controller that Sony has ever made. You can read our full appraisal of the overhauled device in our hardware review through here. Do you think that the manufacturer’s successfully managed to balance core and casual players with its latest peripheral? Flash your light bar in the comments section below.

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