Freedom Wars

Crikey, all of the components are in place for a killer month of PlayStation, aren’t they? Not only is Sony’s next generation console set to deploy in North America and Europe this month, but the firm’s also readying the launch of the promising PS Vita TV in Japan, teasing something to do with its classic peripheral the PocketStation, and now hinting at Freedom Wars’ first gameplay reveal.

The platform holder has kept the co-operative PlayStation Vita exclusive under clandestine captivity since its unveiling earlier in the year, but a brand new video indicates that the release will be provided with some much needed parole time later this month. Expect to get a better glimpse at the hotly anticipated release’s gameplay from 21st November.

For those out of the loop, the eight-player adventure depicts a dystopian future in which each person born is given a life-sentence in order to keep spiralling population problems under control. Civilians can reduce this unfair stretch in the futuristic slammer by slaughtering enemies known as the Abductors. Presumably, that’s where the title’s core campaign slots in.

There’s a blurry glimpse at some in-game action embedded below – just skip straight to the 3:24 mark for the footage. Is this a game that’s got you banging your fist against a figurative prison door for more? Plead your innocence in the comments section below.

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