Persona 5

Atlus’ recently announced Persona 5 will be filled with a hearty helping of high school angst if a recent Dengeki PlayStation report is representative of the upcoming PlayStation 3 release. The Japanese magazine claims that the hotly anticipated sequel will once again take place in a classroom, but will find its cast chained to a slew of modern-day problems. Not being able to find a PlayStation 4 in a local store is probably one of them.

According to the publication, the developer’s hoping to convey a sense of catharsis as you gradually overcome these setbacks, resulting in a slightly different vibe for the popular role-playing series. However, the studio’s eager to not isolate fans, adding that while the title will have a different mood to previous entries, there’ll still be plenty that long-term advocates will recognise. Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief, readers.

Of course, this idea of escape was evident in the title’s debut trailer, which showed five classroom chairs attached to a ball and chain. If you don’t have a figurative bone in your body, we’ll just make it clear that the shackles represent each character’s real-life problems. Our biggest issue right now is that we can’t find our copy of Rumours, and this article has made us desperate to listen to Fleetwood Mac’s late-seventies smash The Chain. Will someone please bring us together?

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