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  • US 3rd Dec 2013, $19.99
  • EU 11th Dec 2013, £16.99
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  • Review Tiny Brains (PlayStation 4)

    Tiny brains, big character

    Science: it’s a wonderful thing. Without science, we’d still be muddling through the dark ages, in a world without Facebook and instant soup. Of course, before such manmade wonders can exist, they need to be tested – and what better way is there to trial such innovations than by exploiting poor animals? Don’t call...

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Tiny Brains Screenshot
Tiny Brains Screenshot
Tiny Brains Screenshot
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Tiny Brains Screenshot
Tiny Brains Screenshot
Tiny Brains Screenshot

Tiny Brains News

  • Store Update 11th December 2013 (Europe)

    Bots and brains

    If you’ve already exhausted the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, then this week’s European PlayStation Store update will come as a bit of a relief, as it includes two new titles for you to try. In addition to cross-buy exploration exclusive Doki-Doki Universe, the refresh also includes co-operative puzzle-‘em-up Tiny Brains...

  • Store Update 3rd December 2013 (North America)

    Animal magic

    With the PlayStation 4 already available on store shelves and most of the big blockbusters sitting impatiently in your backlog, we’re very much re-entering the slow season ahead of Christmas right now. That means that game developers are spending more time eating Mince Pies than slaving over bugs – and you’re going to have to make...

  • News Tiny Brains Won't Be Testing You for a Few More Weeks


    Co-operative puzzler Tiny Brains remains one of the more intriguing titles launching alongside the PlayStation 4. The game, which makes extensive use of the DualShock 4's built in gimmickry, sees you play as four lab animals attempting to escape from a confounding research facility. Each of the four playable characters has a unique ability that...

  • News How Tiny Brains Is Tapping into the Power of the PS4 Controller

    New ways to play

    While much of the next generation discussion has revolved around resolution and horsepower over the past few days, it’s easy to forget that the PlayStation 4 has a few new gimmicks of its own. Many of those are embedded into the DualShock 4 controller, with the touchpad, light bar, and share button all bringing brand new potential...

  • News Check Out These Awesome Applications of the PS4 Controller

    Very enlightening

    We’re still very much in the honeymoon period following the announcement of the PlayStation 4. That means that even the dullest of videos have an added gloss, simply because it’s so exciting to see the applications of a new piece of hardware. Take this Tiny Brains demonstration, which showcases some uses of the DualShock 4. In...

  • News Co-Operative Puzzler Tiny Brains Opens Its Mind to PS4

    Hitting current generation consoles first

    Tiny Brains, the invention of ex-Assassin’s Creed III director Simon Darveau, is set to challenge the PlayStation 4 shortly after its release on the PlayStation 3 later this fall. The co-operative puzzler – which sees you assume the role of one of four rats, as you attempt to escape from a nefarious...

About The Game

"Tiny Brains" is a cooperative puzzle that follows four super-powered lab animals in their attempt to escape a mad scientist's experiments. In this joyously chaotic multiplayer game, the four "Tiny Brains" must combine their unique physics-based powers to navigate through a trick-ridden maze.

All of the puzzles in "Tiny Brains" can be solved multiple ways depending on how groups combine their powers.

Attractive to both hardcore and casual fans, the game has competitive leaderboards and challenging fast paced communicative play along with simple controls so players of any level can jump right in.