Let's start again

Sony Santa Monica may be best known for its gory work on the God of War games, but the studio also contributes significantly to Sony’s first-party lineup by working alongside smaller teams such as Q-Games and Giant Sparrow. As a result of its labour, it’s already announced four titles for the PlayStation 4: Flower, flOw, Escape Plan, and Sound Shapes. But could there be more on the way?

Posting on Twitter earlier today, creative director Nathan Gary – who famously pitched the concept of the console’s share button to upper-executives – uploaded images of all of the aforementioned games – and then added Journey and The Unfinished Swan into the mix. He made sure to include a PS4 development kit in each of the photos, apart from the ones of the unannounced titles. Nevertheless, the insinuation from the developer’s timeline is that these classics are on the way to the next generation machine.

The platform holder is set to announce some new titles as part of a massive GameTrailers livestream on the eve of the impending system’s North American release. We wouldn’t be surprised if these titles formed part of that lineup. Regardless, with both releases scoring 10/10 on this very website, we’re practically doing cartwheels over the prospect of playing them again.

The Unfinished Swan

[source twitter.com, via neogaf.com]