Your new home

The best part about a brand new console is getting to grips with the user interface. With the PlayStation 4 still four weeks away, though, we figured that you'd appreciate this video of the folks from French website Gamekyo doing just that. The quality isn't the greatest, but the clip shows a trio of lucky journalists fiddling with the system's share button, perusing a user profile, and even booting up the platform's web browser.

Perhaps most impressive is how fast it runs – especially when you’re moving between the game and the dashboard. If you’re used to brewing up a cup of tea while navigating the XMB, then you may soon find yourself with a raging thirst, because the next generation console’s hub is faster than the Flash. Skip through the footage below to get a good look at the system in action, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Update: Looks like the Sony ninjas have put an end to our fun prematurely, as the video has promptly been pulled. We'll look for a mirror, but we're guessing that the platform holder doesn't want you to see any of this stuff until launch day. Boo!

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