Sorry, fella

Peripherals don’t ever get quite the same attention as games, but every console demands a quality set of accessories. Between the excellent Pulse headset, PlayStation Move, and G27 Force Feedback Racing Wheel, the PlayStation 3 played host to an enormous collection of must-own extras. Unfortunately, while many of those items will be compatible with the PlayStation 4, the platform holder has confirmed that it’s shutting down support for the current generation console’s official Blu-ray remote.

Writing on Twitter, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the popular device will not function with the futuristic format. “No, sorry,” he said, when asked if the controller would work. We’re guessing that it’s the unit’s inclusion of DualShock 3 buttons – Start and Select, for example, are not present on the DualShock 4 – that’s prompted the decision, but it’s still disappointing all the same. Let’s hope that its replacement is just as well designed.

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