PlayStation fans rightly give Sony a lot of stick for not marketing its products particularly well, but many overlook the incredibly strong social network presence that the platform holder has. While it may focus on hardcore gamers, the PlayStation Blog is one of the most effective promotional tools in the industry – and it’s provided the manufacturer with a strong following on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

In fact, you may not believe it, but PlayStation is actually the second biggest brand on Google’s video sharing website. Statista compiled the information based on subscriber numbers, and found that the gaming division sits only behind Austrian energy drinks giant Red Bull. Rockstar Games, Rovio Entertainment, and Ubisoft also made the top ten, alongside giants such as Apple, Nike, and Pepsi.

It’s a pretty impressive tidbit that speaks volumes about the reach that Sony has acquired in the online space. While it would be nice to see the platform holder splash out in more traditional advertising areas, too, there’s no doubt that the company’s social networking department is doing an outstanding job of raising awareness about its products. And with more people spending more time online, it may just find itself well prepared for the future.

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