Despite also deploying on the PC and Xbox 360, Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming first-person shooter Titanfall is very much being billed as the Xbox One’s big 2014 release. The title has garnered a laundry list of awards since its official unveiling at E3 earlier in the year, and given the developer’s history with the Call of Duty series, it promises to refresh the stagnating first-person shooter genre.

However, the title’s not coming to a PlayStation platform. It’s unusual considering that the release is being funded by EA, a publisher that tends to build its business around big multiformat brands. Many have assumed this to mean that Microsoft has paid for the exclusivity of the game – but if that’s the case, how long will we have to wait before the mech fest hits one of Sony’s systems?

Microsoft spokesperson Larry Hryb – otherwise known as Major Nelson – is maintaining his poker face for now, opting to pour ambiguity on the topic in a Reddit thread. “As far as being an exclusive, that’s really a question for [the Titanfall team],” he said when asked whether the title would launch on another system in the future. “I’m not worried about it, though.”

It’s unclear whether Hryb means that he’s not worried because the Xbox One has more content up its sleeve, or because the game will remain an exclusive in perpetuity. The latter seems extremely unlikely from where we’re sitting, as publisher EA has admitted that it now sees Titanfall as one of the pillars of its first-person shooter rotation roster.

Furthermore, lead artist Joel Emslie admitted that a PlayStation 4 port could happen in the near future. “[A PS4 version] is definitely not out of the question,” he told Eurogamer.net earlier in the year. “We love all of our fans, whatever console they support. So, yeah, we want to make everybody happy, but this is where we’re at right now.”

We reckon that it’s only a matter of time, then, before the game reaches one of Sony’s consoles. It’ll be particularly interesting to see how long Microsoft has got the release locked down for. Our guess is that it’s probably managed to strike up a twelve month contract, meaning that you’ll likely be playing the title with a DualShock 4 in 2015. That's not that far away...

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