Yakuza Ishin
Totally not Haruka Sawamura

As thoroughly satisfied as we are with the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, we’re a teensy bit jealous that Japan gets to enjoy Yakuza Ishin alongside the console. The historical sequel – which will almost certainly never get localised – follows the story of real-life Japanese legend, Ryoma Sakamoto. But while it promises plenty of action and intrigue, the release will also allow you to take it easy in the historical countryside.

As detailed on the game’s official website, the next generation launch title will include an entire side story named ‘Another Life’. This will see you adopt a mysterious girl named Haru, whose parents were accidentally killed. In order to repay her debt, the girl is forced to sell her family home, prompting Ryoma to provide her with sanctuary at his secondary abode. From here you’ll be able to grow vegetables, cook meals, and sell your produce to nearby towns.

You’ll also be able to take home an array of stray cats and dogs that you encounter around the world, which you’ll be able to name and interact with. Each of these animals will have a unique personality, and, of course, you’ll unlock bonus items for treating them in the right way. Impressively, the ‘Another Life’ mode will be fully accessible on the PlayStation Vita when you’re away from your console, in addition to minigames such as poker and mah-jong.

We’d pretty much give our right arm for this to get localised. Please make it happen, SEGA. Don’t make us beg...

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