Mark Cerny

Marble Madness creator Mark Cerny has always been a giant within the industry – but he's often tended to operate behind the scenes, working as a consultant on major PlayStation franchises such as Killzone and Uncharted. That changed during the platform holder’s PlayStation Meeting presentation earlier in the year, when he was introduced as the PlayStation 4’s lead architect, and has adopted gaming celebrity status ever since. However, the next generation console isn’t the first system that the former SEGA employee’s designed.

Despite the platform holder curiously keeping the tidbit under wraps, has discovered that the development legend also constructed the PlayStation Vita. “I had the same [lead architect] role on the [handheld],” he told the website at the Tokyo Game Show this week. Of course, as the publication more meticulously points out, the hallmarks of Cerny’s philosophy are all over the device. It is, for starters, built around simple development principles – and is even made up of off-the-shelf components just like the PS4.

With both systems being designed simultaneously, Cerny and Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida worked to find a way to link the two devices – and the high-rolling executives happened upon the idea of Remote Play. “Yoshida and I ended up both pitching that feature on the same day,” he said. “It was an amazing coincidence. We had both come to the same conclusions that the affinity for the two platforms to work together was so large that it just made sense.” The rest, as they say, is history...