Try again later

As we know, Sony has locked down pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 in Europe. The platform holder has warned retailers across the continent that launch day delivery can no longer be guaranteed. However, according to MCV, this is just a precaution as the manufacturer prepares for the system’s release.

The publication claims that the firm expects more stock to be available at launch, and that some machines will be held back so that stores have something to display. We reckon that there’s going to be full-on brawls to secure those wild consoles. A source added that the Japanese giant “doesn’t want consumers who couldn’t buy a PS4 to buy an Xbox One instead”.

Naturally, the company has refrained from commenting on the situation. “Sony Computer Entertainment Europe does not comment on production and we have no further information to share at this time on our release strategy for the PS4 which is scheduled for launch this holiday season,” a spokesperson said.

It’s exciting this, isn’t it? As much as we’re looking forward to the system itself, we can’t wait to see how many consoles make it onto store shelves this Christmas. Amazingly, the PlayStation Portable still holds the record for the best ever UK launch with 185,000 units sold in three days. Will the PS4 beat it? It’s certainly looking possible.