Sony's said that it plans to release 20 exclusive games for the PlayStation 4 within its first year on the market, but we still only know about four of them. While that’s likely to change at GamesCom next week, online sleuth Superannuation has already uncovered evidence of a potential next generation release named Helldivers.

The platform holder registered the domain ‘helldiversgame.com’ last week, but it currently resolves with a rather drab holding page. The title – which shares its name with a World War II bomber – is likely to be the product of one of its North American studios, as SCEE tends to handle the websites for European developed releases.

Given the name, there’s some speculation that this could be an air combat game of some kind. It would certainly make sense, but we reckon that a more literal interpretation is more likely. Sony Bend, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Zindagi, and many more are all working on unannounced titles at the moment, so this could be by any of them. Maybe we’ll find out next week.

[source whois.domaintools.com, via kotaku.com]