Shadow of the Beast

One of the more unexpected announcements during Sony’s big GamesCom 2013 press conference this week revolved around Heavy Spectrum’s reimagining of Shadow of the Beast. As a refresher for our younger readers, the original release was a side-scrolling brawler deployed almost 25 years ago on the Commodore Amiga. It was developed by Reflections Interactive – the Newcastle-based studio now owned by Ubisoft – and published by Psygnosis, which is how Sony owns the rights.

Details regarding the reboot are tightly under wraps, but the developer has promised to offer “a magical combination of unique combat and gameplay to enthral you as a player, with a mystical world that can engage you as a person”. The title’s teaser trailer gives the impression that it will maintain the side-scrolling perspective, but it’s hard to tell for sure. Nevertheless, we’re sure that this announcement has got some of you veteran gamers excited. And if not, go and tell your parents.