Murasaki Baby

What do you get if you cross Tim Burton with Escape Plan and Limbo? It’s not a trick question, because it’s already been answered by Murasaki Baby for the PlayStation Vita. The title – the first of a collaboration with Italian developer Ovosonico – sees you guiding a homesick infant through a dark fantasy world.

“Murasaki Baby wants to challenge convention and move its audience,” explained director Massimo Guarini, who has also worked on titles such as No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned. “Our game offers something different based on a strongly emotional game design through which players will live an experience like no other.”

The trailer shows how you’ll have to use touch controls to interact with the world. Summoning a stormy environment, for example, allows you to raise the level of a lake, while turning a turbine creates enough wind to set a boat merrily on its way. Simple ideas, but wrapped in the title’s twisted art style, it culminates in something daringly unique.

You can check out the debut trailer embedded below. Are you fascinated by this brand new Vita exclusive? Let us know in the comments section.