Polyphony Digital has already admitted that it has a PlayStation 4 version of upcoming racing simulator Gran Turismo 6 in mind, but it may have evolved into a full sequel by the time that it parks onto the next generation platform. Speaking as part of a panel at GamesCom this week, obsessive creator Kazunori Yamauchi cautioned that whichever route the developer adopts, it may take a while for the franchise to race onto Sony’s futuristic format.

Fortunately, the current generation version of the game is not far away. The platform holder attached a 6th December release date to the racer during its press conference this week, announcing that the company will be working with a slew of high-profile manufacturers to create a catalogue of automotive concepts, which will be added to the game across a full year of online updates. While you wait to test drive those vehicles, though, you can take a tour of the title’s swish box art above.

[source joystiq.com]