What you'll see in shops

You may be hoping that Sony turns the ignition on some new PlayStation 4 titles this week, but the platform holder has also promised to provide some updates on the system’s existing lineup. That’s started this afternoon with the confirmation of DriveClub’s pre-order bonuses. If you register your interest in the racer at participating retailers, you’ll score early access to the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe, McLaren 12C, and RUF RT 12 R. Even better, each car will come with an exclusive livery and a boost in Fame.

Furthermore, if you pre-order the game at retail, you’ll receive a 50 per cent discount voucher for a 12 month PlayStation Plus membership in Europe, and a free three month trial in North America. Assuming that you’re already a subscriber, you’ll be able to download a special version of the game, which will allow you to test drive all of the title’s modes and features. You’ll be able to add to this vanilla version by purchasing more vehicles, or by splashing out on a full upgrade pack.

The game’s final box art is embedded above. Developer Evolution Studios has promised to show off an updated version of the title during this week's convention, which will hopefully demonstrate a marked improvement over the release’s disappointing E3 demo.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com, via blog.us.playstation.com]