PlayStation 4

Amazon is the latest retailer to acknowledge Sony’s previously reported PlayStation 4 pre-order deadline. The UK arm of the online giant has added a message to the next generation console’s product page, warning consumers that any purchases made after 6th August may not be fulfilled at launch.

“Due to high demand, orders placed for this PS4 console from 6th August may be received after [the] release date,” the message states. “We will ship orders as soon as we receive sufficient inventory.” Despite this, the console is still sitting in third on the website’s video games bestsellers list, with Grand Theft Auto V the only product in front of it.

Last week, a slew of British retailers echoed the sentiment of Amazon’s notice, explaining that PS4 pre-orders placed after Monday of this week may not be received on release day. The platform holder is purportedly hoping to supply shops with additional units for general sale, but you’ve probably got more chance of being struck by lightning than nabbing one of those.

Are you confident that you’ve secured your pre-order in time, or are you panicking at the prospect of shortages? Let us know in the comments section below.

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