The big clash

You step out of the office for five seconds and Sony starts teasing cataclysmic events. The company has deployed the embedded image on its various social network channels, hinting at an impending planetary collision. But what does it mean? We legitimately don’t know, but we do have a couple of theories.

The image appears to include a solar eclipse, which may just be a hint at the PlayStation 4’s release date. We’re next set to experience the phenomenon on 3rd November, a date that’s been associated with the system's launch a number of times. Could that be what this is hinting at? Possibly, but it’s also worth adding that the aforementioned date happens to be a Sunday.

Alternatively, this could be Sony Santa Monica’s secret project. The team has been working on something non-God of War related under the guidance of Stig Asmussen for a while, and there’s been speculation that it’s some kind of futuristic endeavour. Could the platform holder be teasing an announcement ahead of GamesCom? We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think that this teaser is all about? Don your space suit and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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