"What am I doing? It's a secret"

We’ve known for some time that Sony Santa Monica is working on a second project. Like many of PlayStation’s first-party teams, the prolific developer has been split into two groups – with one half producing a mysterious title under the guidance of God of War III director Stig Asmussen. But what could it be?

Well, chances are it’s a PlayStation 4 project and will debut at E3. The studio noted that there’s just four weeks until the big show on Twitter last night, hinting that it may have something to demo. Meanwhile, a job listing for a senior combat designer has been uncovered by CVG. In it, the firm mentions that it’s looking for employees with experience working on first and third-person shooters.

Last year, God of War creator David Jaffe hinted that Asmussen is “doing cool stuff” at Sony Santa Monica unrelated to the recently released God of War: Ascension. Considering the studio’s pedigree, we’re extremely excited to see what the company can do with the platform holder’s next generation console. What would you like to see the outfit tackle next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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