Watch Dogs

How do you shed your status as one of the most visually impressive titles in production? Ask French publisher Ubisoft, who deployed this disastrous Watch Dogs footage overnight. The short snippet – presumably produced as a bit fun to show off actress Aisha Tyler’s inclusion in the game – looks light years away from the slick clips that we’ve been treated to in the past. So, what went wrong?

Well, according to creative director Jonathan Morin, the video was released by mistake. “It’s simply someone who doesn't know the technology,” he explained on Twitter. “You know, sometimes hundreds of people working together causes communication issues, let’s just say that.” We suspect that the person that pulled the trigger is sitting on the naughty step today.

It does sound a few alarms, though, doesn’t it? We haven’t seen anything of the current generation version of Watch Dogs just yet, only footage from the PlayStation 4 build. But what if this is the PlayStation 3 instalment? “No [need] to worry about the graphics at all,” beamed a confident Morin. "[It's] better than that."

For the record, we don’t think that the developer’s lying – this trailer probably was deployed by accident, and is unlikely to be representative of the actual game on any system. Still, the publisher’s going to have to allay concerns now, because this really doesn’t look good at all – especially not for a title that’s spent the past 18 months being billed as a blockbuster.

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