PlayStation 4 1

Who left the PlayStation 4 news tap on? As we edge ever closer to the launch of Sony’s next generation system, today seems to be dripping snippets about the impending hardware. The latest tidbit comes courtesy of Gematsu, who managed to get their greedy mitts on a handful of updated user interface images.

The shots aren’t massively different to the ones that we analysed earlier in the year, but definitely seem spruced up. The ‘What’s New’ page, for example, has a much brighter background, as does the video sharing screen. Elsewhere, it seems that you’ll be able to create sub-groups among your friends, as a shot of the ‘Messages’ area shows a separate section called ‘PS4 Lovers’.

New mobile interface images demonstrate how you’ll be able to watch videos, track Trophies, and launch games from your smartphone and tablet. Meanwhile, there’s confirmation of the LiveArea-esque features on the Knack section, as it highlights recently unlocked items and in-game gifts from friends.

The biggest shock, though? Sarah Greene from the recent lifestyle trailer has replaced her blonde locks with a barnet that's a darker shade of brown. In fact, we’re not even sure that that’s the same person. At least you can count on Henry Bayle staying the same.