PlayStation 4

“Sony knows how to design the PlayStation 4 so that it won’t overheat,” noted a confident Mark Cerny earlier in the year. Turns out that the lead architect – who’s also working on launch title Knack – was not telling porkies either, as the next generation system will actually run at a cooler temperature than the existing PlayStation 3.

Despite looking like you’ll need a personal power station to run Killzone: Shadow Fall, extensive testing from the FCC found that the upcoming console will actually function at around 5-35 degrees Celsius (41-95 degrees Fahrenheit), where its predecessor tended to operate at a sweltering 45-55 degrees Celsius (113-131 degrees Fahrenheit). It means that the likelihood of a ‘Yellow Light of Death’-esque error is low, though other issues could still arise.

The console is also svelter than the first iteration of its aging counterpart, weighing in at just 2.8kg compared to the PS3’s bathroom scale shattering 5kg. However, the current Super Slim version of Sony’s flagship format sits at a slender 2.1kg, so there’s still reason for the next generation console to sign up to Weight Watchers and get a glitzy gym membership card.