Sony’s been eager to iterate in recent weeks that it’s still got its work cut out with the PlayStation 4, but in the wake of sell outs at North American retailer GameStop, the company is understandably feeling pretty bullish about its next generation console. Speaking candidly with CNN earlier this week, SCEA president Jack Tretton explained that the company is in a much better position than with the PlayStation 3.

“There are a couple of key factors [for that],” he explained. “We came to market later than what proved to be a formidable competitor in the Xbox 360, and that won't happen this time around. We came to market at $599, and that's obviously not going to happen this time around. In spite of all of that, we went on to sell 70 million units. There were a lot of lessons learned. I really relish the opportunity to come to market in a timely way at $399.”

Tretton also responded to the recurring narrative that Sony adapted its vision in response to the Xbox One. “There's some conjecture out there that you're putting stuff up and pulling stuff down five minutes before the [E3 press conference] doors open,” he continued. “It just doesn't work that way. You've got to execute against a strategy. If you start second-guessing and looking over your shoulder, you open yourself up to mistakes.”

Microsoft has been scrambling ever since the PS4’s unveiling in February, but it seems like Sony has a very clear vision. It still remains to be seen whether that strategy will propel the platform to the top of the hardware charts, but the signs are certainly looking positive. As the company itself has admitted, though, there’s still a long way to go.