Watch Dogs

Jimmy Fallon may have managed to wrap his head around Knack yesterday evening, but he was back to his worst during the latest episode of the Late Night Show. As part of the programme’s ongoing video games week, the host invited Ubisoft and Aisha Tyler onstage to demo Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 4 – and subsequently struggled to get to grips with the release's car controls.

Sadly, the game doesn’t look like it’s quite living up to the promise of that debut trailer from last year. While the title looks fine, it’s clear that the PS4 build is being held back by its current generation counterparts. Compare it to fellow open world adventure inFAMOUS: Second Son, for example, and the difference in visual fidelity is fairly large. Alas, the studio still has a few more months to optimise the release, so hopefully the final version will look a lot tidier than what’s on display here.