Those of you that are fond of ghouls and ghosts – not that kind – will want to hold onto your PlayStation 3 for another year yet, as Square Enix has revealed that spiritual detective title Murdered: Soul Suspect will spook the system in 2014. The game sees you assume the role of a phantom named Ronan O’Connor, who’s stuck in limbo after being killed by a shadowy figure. Your only means of escape is by bringing the offending assassin to justice.

Due to the protagonist’s predicament, you won’t be able to chat to the officers working on the case, so you’ll have to “read the minds of the living” and affect their actions with supernatural abilities. You’ll also have the opportunity to interrogate other spectres to learn more about the murderer. The game’s set in Salem, Massachusetts, which is noteworthy because of the witchcraft trials that took place there in 1692.

The adventure’s currently only confirmed for the PS3, with no mention of a next generation release. More information is set to be announced at E3. In the meantime, check out the cinematic trailer embedded below, and let us know if you’re intrigued by the title in the comments section.

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