Cheap and cheerful

If the flurry of free-to-play titles recently revealed for the PlayStation 4 haven’t already encouraged you to put away your wallet, then perhaps Tekken Revolution will push you over the edge. A trailer for the PlayStation 3 exclusive was inconspicuously included as part of a GameSpot feature published earlier today, confirming an 11th June release date for the freemium fighter.

Earlier in the year, series ringleader Katsuhiro Harada dismissed an Australian rating for the title as a new version of Namco Bandai’s mobile phone spin-off Tekken Card Tournament, but this looks very much like a traditional beat ‘em up to us. We suppose that we won’t have to wait long to find out for sure.

Assuming that this is a conventional entry in the classic combat series, it will be heading straight into battle with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, which is also set to get a free-to-play release on the PS3. We suspect that we’ll be learning a lot more about this over the coming days.

Update: Harada just noted on Twitter that Tekken Revolution is the "first free-to-play fighting game on a console". As suspected, then, this has absolutely nothing to do with cards.

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