Beefing up with a big title

Shahid Kamal Ahmad clearly saw the poll results to our PlayStation Vita reaction article overnight. The senior business development manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe – who spends more time on Twitter than he does asleep – is responsible for a number of the indie games coming to the system, but he’s also hinted that there’s something “big” on the way.

“There is an amazing big title coming to the Vita,” he wrote on Twitter. “I can’t tell you anything about it, except that you are going to be hooked for hours.” Considering his involvement with smaller titles, Ahmad later clarified that it’s not an indie game that he’s alluding to. “Hooked for hours ‘a day’,” he added. “Clue: not indie. And: talk about one title doesn’t preclude others.”

Does Minecraft count as an indie game these days? We reckon that it would fit the bill, and developer Mojang has shown some interest in bringing the cult hit to Sony’s handheld in the past. Otherwise, Polyphony Digital is on the verge of making a big announcement, which we suppose could feature the Vita. What do you think that Ahmad's hinting at? Let us know in the comments section below.

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