Mirror's Edge

The original Mirror’s Edge was a sequel away from being brilliant. The first-person free-running adventure offered a unique experience in a saturated genre, but suffered from some hokey shooting sections and cheap comic book cut-scenes. It failed to cross publisher EA Games’ sales threshold, and a successor was subsequently culled from the company’s line-up. But the series could be making a comeback.

Amazon Germany recently listed the hotly anticipated follow-up for the Xbox 360, before promptly pulling the product page. Then, earlier today, the game cropped up on Amazon Italy for the Xbox One. The sudden resurgence of the title corroborates with comments made by ngmoco Sweden’s Ben Cousins, who claimed last year that it’s “general knowledge in the Stockholm [development] scene that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE”.

But there’s a caveat. The game has yet to be listed for the PlayStation 3 or the PlayStation 4, and many are pondering whether the sequel could be the result of Microsoft and EA Games’ supposed “special relationship”. An exclusive release would certainly earn the Xbox maker some favour among hardcore gamers, as Mirror’s Edge has become something of a cult classic in recent years. But could it happen? Given the previous entry’s low sales, it doesn’t seem entirely implausible.

At the moment it’s all speculation, but if a sequel does exist, we'll be absolutely gutted if it skips the PlayStation platforms. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for good news.

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