Bursting for the bog

Men’s Room Mayhem, the upcoming PlayStation Vita puzzler from ex-WipEout developers Sawfly Studios, aims to relay the ancient art of toilet etiquette. The title – which was leaked by the Australian classifications board earlier in the year – promises a “frantic line drawing game” that aims to take bathroom gaming to a whole new level.

The title will see you assume the role of a junior janitor, where you’ll need to guide your patrons around the bathroom, assigning them to cubicles and urinals without prompting fights. The title’s based upon the unwritten rules of the men’s toilet, so you’ll need to ensure that no two tinklers are too close together in order to score extra points.

“You need pinpoint precision and strategic steering to get your patrons to use urinals, toilet cubicles, and sinks while avoiding fights and nasty little accidents,” reads the title’s official blurb. “Extra points are scored for maintaining proper men’s room etiquette, as well as for demonstrating good personal hygiene.”

The gameplay looks like it’s borrowing a few ideas from Flight Control HD, which we thoroughly enjoyed on the PlayStation 3. “When we had the idea for Men's Room Mayhem it was clearly a game that just had to be made,” said publisher Ripstone’s creative director Phil Gaskell. “It's fun, funny, and for anyone unfamiliar or curious about men's room etiquette it certainly provides a crash course!”

There’s no word on a precise release date just yet, but we’re informed that it will be available imminently on the PlayStation Store. Are you bursting to play this, or is it an experience that you’d rather wash your hands of? Let us know in the comments section below.