Bursting for the bathroom

Four former WipEout developers are currently working on Men’s Room Mayhem for the PlayStation Vita. The potty title recently popped up on the Australian Ratings Board's website, with a PG classification awarded. The title’s in production at SawFly Studios, a small team consisting of ex-Studio Liverpool employees.

While details about the release itself are scarce, the classification does hint at the presence of some very mild violence. The developer posted a picture of its current project earlier in the year, which is presumably related to the rating. “Here's one of the many characters from our first game,” the studio said.

With a name like Men’s Room Mayhem, we’re hoping that the title deals with the unwritten rules of the public toilet. It’s about time that video games tackled some serious subject matter, don’t you think?

[source classification.gov.au, via twitter.com]