Splat attack

OMG-Z, arguably the most moreish PlayStation Mini ever produced, is getting a full PlayStation Vita reboot. Following in the footsteps of Hungry Giraffe, Essex-based indie developer Laughing Jackal has confirmed that it’s currently applying the finishing touches to a full high-definition remake of the portable classic, OMG HD Zombies!.

For those unfamiliar with the original, you play as a human survivor trapped in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. While you only have access to a handful of bullets, you're able to clear entire screens of the undead by causing chain reactions. “Imagine a sheet of bubble wrap where picking the right few bubbles to pop could make the whole thing explode into a tsunami of body parts,” the developer accurately explains.

The real beauty of the game, though, is its addictive reward loop. As you work your way through the campaign, you're able to invest in upgrades that allow you to unleash even more devastating domino effects. For the revamped version, the developer has implemented additional unlocks, as well as a new prestige mode that will allow you to play through the entire campaign twice.

Additional improvements include redrawn visuals, new zombie classes, online leaderboards, optional touch controls, new comics, and twelve Trophies. We’ve included a trailer for the PlayStation Mobile version of the game below. Are you looking forward to spilling some undead guts? Let us know in the comments section.

[source laughingjackal.co.uk]