Fast & Furious: Showdown 1

After the atrocious The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, you’d probably do well to turn your nose up at yet another licensed Activision tie-in – but Fast & Furious: Showdown has the potential to be alright. The title – which is set to drift onto the PlayStation 3 on 21st May in North America – sees you assume the role of a driver, gunman, tactician, or daredevil in a series of deadly road-based missions. Sounds a lot like legendary PlayStation Portable racer Pursuit Force, doesn’t it?

Fast & Furious: Showdown 2

The full release will feature various familiar faces from the Fast & Furious movies, in addition to 31 stages, co-op support, and a customisation component that will allow you to construct your dream car. It’ll also include an objective-based challenge mode, complete with online leaderboards to encourage replayability. While we agree that the extremely late announcement and budget price-point ($39.99) doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence, we adored Wheelman, so we’re going to give this the benefit of the doubt for now.