DualShock 4 for PS4

One of the PlayStation 4 controller’s coolest features is the light sensor on the top of device. Similarly to the PlayStation Move, this is used to track the unit for improved motion detection – but it also has a secondary application. Much like Sony’s aforementioned motion wand, the LED strip is capable of changing colour, which provides a pretty nifty way of denoting different players using the same system. But which tints does the console utilise?

Well, like in the promotional shots, player one will be symbolised with the noble shade of blue. Player two will be represented with fiery red, while succulent green and cutesy pink will be used to indicate players three and four respectively. Do the colours sound familiar? They should do, as they’re the same as the ones employed by the DualShock controller’s famous face buttons. We’re probably getting a little bit giddy, but this is quite possibly the greatest PS4 tidbit that we’ve learned thus far.

[source polygon.com]