PlayStation Webstore

The browser-based PlayStation Webstore is a great option for purchasing PlayStation Network content if you’re not near your PlayStation 3. Sadly, any items that you do acquire have to be manually downloaded via the system’s download list, which almost defeats the purpose of the feature in the first place. Thankfully, Sony has a solution.

Starting from May, you’ll be able to push any items that you purchase off the online store directly to your PS3. The tidbit was revealed in SCEE’s official documentation for the recently released firmware update v4.40, which states that “a detailed guide explaining how to make the most of this feature” will be released soon.

There’s still no word on whether this functionality is heading to North America, but it stands to reason that it will. Perhaps we shouldn’t have whined about last week’s firmware update, after all. Let us know if this is a feature that you’ve been waiting for in the comments section below.

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