Strolling into combat

The brute power of the PlayStation 4 may allow Battlefield 4 to seriously up the ante, as a report regarding the soon-to-be-revealed shooter has hinted at the return of 64 player maps. While the PC version of Battlefield 3 already boasted similarly sized arenas, PS3 players were forced to settle for significantly smaller stages. However, it's likely that the next generation console will be able to cope with many more competitors than its predecessor.

The article on Battlefield 4 Central – which claims to have been tipped off by a reliable source – continues that the title will ship with the same number of maps as Battlefield 3, but that there are “lots” of DLC plans in the pipeline. Apparently, Battlefield Premium will be available at launch this time, and social tracking service BattleLog will be upgraded with more features and statistics than ever before.

For those of you curious about the single player component, developer DICE has apparently employed new writers, so hopefully we'll get a more interesting plot than the woeful Call of Duty copycat nonsense of Battlefield 3. We’ll find out more when the title is officially announced on the 26th March.

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