Got your back

BioWare has unsurprisingly released the trailer for Mass Effect 3: Citadel, the trilogy’s final slice of DLC. It’s looking to be the biggest add-on that the series has ever received, and the trailer is suitably packed full of teasers.

It would seem that BioWare weren’t exaggerating when they said that protagonist Commander Shepard’s entire crew would be available for this one, as just about every squad mate that’s fought alongside the prestigious commander is featured in the embedded video. We also get a glimpse of the DLC’s enemies, who appear to be part of a well-armed, tactical organisation.

So, we’ve got what looks to be a great farewell for Shepard and the characters we’ve come to know over the course of three games. Will you be accepting the party invite? Take a look at the trailer and let us know in the comments section below.