In need of a stiff drink

Believe it or not, we’re close to the one year anniversary of Mass Effect 3. It’s been a long rollercoaster ride, but all things must come to pass – and with that, BioWare has revealed the final DLC packs for the space shooter's single player and multiplayer offerings.

The multiplayer DLC, named Reckoning, hits next week (26th February in North America and 27th February in Europe), and will, as always, be free. It adds a host of new classes, such as the huge Geth Juggernaut and a mighty, biotic hammer wielding Krogan Warlord. It’ll also augment a wealth of new weapons, including the Lancer Assault Rifle – a weapon last seen in the first Mass Effect.

The aptly named Citadel add-on follows the week after (5th March in North America and 6th March in Europe), and focuses on the relationship between Shepard and the squadmates you’ve amassed over the trilogy. You’ll be journeying to the Citadel to tackle a sinister conspiracy against our favourite commander – and when it’s over, you’ll have some brand new hub areas to enjoy, like a casino and combat arena.

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