Battlefield 4 2

The last thing we expected from Battlefield 4’s first trailer was a blast of Bonnie Tyler, but that’s exactly how this 17 minute gameplay demo opens. Lead protagonist Recker finds himself trapped inside a sinking vehicle with three of his squadmates – sadly, one of them has to be sacrificed in order for the rest of the group to recover the intel from their latest mission.

Holding out for a hero

It’s all part of a wider single-player campaign that developer DICE is describing as “emotional”. We’re not sure that quite comes through in this video, but we’ll admit that we’re excited by the enormous environments, vehicle-driven set-pieces, and incredible sound design. It does look undeniably pretty, doesn’t it?

The title’s due out later this year, but publisher EA’s being crafty with regards to platforms. It still hasn’t actually confirmed anything beyond PlayStation 3, but we can be fairly certain that the game’s coming to the PlayStation 4 as well. Regardless, if you pre-order the title early, you’ll receive exclusive access to the Premium expansion pack.

Check out the first official gameplay footage below, and let us know whether you’re impressed in the comments section. According to the developer, we can look forward to plenty more footage in the coming weeks. We’re just eager to see how it tops Total Eclipse of the Heart – a bit of Kim Carnes, perhaps?