Which of These Is Your Favourite PS4 Controller Mock-Up?

Sony is supposedly planning to debut a new controller alongside the PlayStation 4. While details about its size and shape are still under wraps, we do have a reasonable idea about what kind of new features the final device will include.

DualShock 2

According to both Kotaku and EDGE, the peripheral will boast a touch pad similar to the one on the PlayStation Vita and a ‘Share’ button. It’s thought that the innards of the hardware will include revamped motion tracking technology, presumably on par with the platform holder's portable machine.

DualShock 3

Naturally, the information has prompted a number of mock-ups to appear online. Some are based upon the existing shape and style of the current DualShock 3, while others lean towards the Xbox 360 controller’s design. Of course, it’s possible that the manufacturer could go in an entirely different direction.

DualShock 4

To be honest, we’re struggling to see the purpose of the touch pad at this moment in time, but we’re sure that there’ll be plenty of gimmicky launch software designed to prove its potential. Do any of the embedded mock-ups tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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