Take a Look at the PlayStation 4 Game That You'll Never Play

No matter how longingly you stare at the artwork embedded within this article, the game’s never coming out. It was canned, alongside developer Studio Liverpool, back in late August 2012. The concept art – penned by industry veteran Darren Douglas – demonstrates a slew of dramatic heist scenes, which match up with rumours regarding the WipEout developer’s in production projects.

According to Eurogamer.net, the team was working on a “gangster style experience” for the PlayStation 4 which later evolved into a Splinter Cell-esque game. We’re guessing that the concept art is based on the project’s hooligan origins, rather than its super sleuth progression.

Studio Liverpool 4

Still, it certainly looks intriguing. The title was supposedly set to take advantage of L.A. Noire-esque motion capture, but it wasn’t to be. Shame, really.

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