Crumpled hoods

Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment is working on a brand new collision-heavy car game which promises to plot a return to the studio’s roots. The team most recently worked on Ridge Racer: Unbounded, but is perhaps best known for the first two FlatOut titles on PlayStation 2.

The title – currently dubbed ‘Next Car Game’ – is set to launch on “yet to be announced platforms”. We’re not sure whether the press release was written before last week’s PlayStation 4 announcement, or whether it’s just not coming to Sony’s next generation machine. We’re going to assume that the former is more likely, especially considering the current state of third-party exclusives.

"We are returning to our roots to make this game, re-interpreting what initially excited us way back in [the] FlatOut days," the developer noted. "It's full-contact motor sports with cars built for crashing. Technology now allows us to fully realize what we imagined back then – debris-filled scenes of high speed carnage. We're taking destruction racing to a level you've never seen before."

The studio doesn’t currently own the rights to the FlatOut franchise, so it’ll have to come up with a new name. We suppose that anything’s better than ‘Next Car Game’, right? You can check out the teaser trailer in the space below. Apparently, it was constructed entirely from in-game footage.