Resident Evil: Revelations' Collector's Edition Includes a Watch

If you’re in need of a suitable timepiece to accompany your overpriced Leon S. Kennedy themed jacket, then look no further than Resident Evil: Revelations’ Japanese collector’s edition. The premium bundle includes a US Agency watch sporting the BSAA logo. It’s based on the same design worn by protagonist Jill Valentine in the game.

For a whopping ¥42,000 ($462), you’ll also score a custom BSAA police badge, the official soundtrack, and a copy of the game for PlayStation 3. Other options include just the game and the watch for ¥39,900 ($439) or the game, police badge, and soundtrack for ¥7,490 ($82).

We have to admit, the watch does look nice – but sadly it’s way out of our price range. Are you tempted? Let us know in the comments section below.