Cheap as... chips?

It’ll cost you almost a grand to look as good as Resident Evil 6 protagonist Leon S. Kennedy – and that’s without splashing out on an expensive floppy haircut. Publisher Capcom has added the Resident Evil 6: Leather Jacket Edition to its European store. It’ll set you back just £899.

The pricey package includes a replica of Leon’s jacket from Resident Evil 6, a copy of the game, four tablet cases, three DLC maps for Mercenaries mode and a handful of stickers. Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it?

“Leon's replica leather jacket from Resident Evil 6 is made of high quality cowhide leather,” the product description reads. “The jacket is an authentic recreation from the game and is fully endorsed by the Capcom Resident Evil 6 Development team.

"It's designed to be close-fitting and it has DSO logo and Leon's name tag inside. The jacket not only looks good, but also is practical as it has six pockets outside and two inside."

How can a jacket that costs almost £1,000 possibly be practical?

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