Great set, bad situation

The past few days have proved a distinctly unmagical time for many of those that ordered Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch’s gorgeous Wizard’s Edition. Due to an administration error, the premium bundle was oversold, forcing a number of orders to be cancelled earlier in the week. Namco Bandai has since responded to the uproar, pledging an apologetic Club Namco voucher and Strategy Guide to all affected customers.

“We understand the $20 Club Namco voucher that has been offered to our affected fans may give little solace in place of an actual Wizard’s Edition package,” the publisher noted in a statement issued to Destructoid. “With that in mind, Namco Bandai will be giving the affected fans a 400 page hard bound copy of the Ni No Kuni strategy guide which includes an exclusive code to unlock a Gold Hurly Familiar in the game in addition to the original $20 Club Namco voucher.”

The backlash to the unfortunate incident intensified earlier this week, when it emerged that eBay-based retailer PlayCanada had obtained more than 200 of the in-demand collector’s editions, and was selling them for $399.99 apiece – a figure more than four times the item's recommended retail price. Namco Bandai has since clarified that it did not work in conjunction with the outlet to sell copies of the premium bundle.

“PlayCanada’s claims that they officially worked with Namco Bandai to obtain their stock is entirely false,” the company said. “According to our records, this individual or group of individuals purchased [the Wizard’s Edition] during the NiNoStarter promotion period in August 2012, at which time, no limits were placed on how many units an individual could order.”

The collector’s edition itself includes a 300-page companion book, in-game DLC, and a Drippy plush doll, which is no doubt the attraction for most consumers. Did you manage to obtain one of the sets, or were you unlucky? Let us know in the comments section below.

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