With new console launches hogging the headlines harder than Kristen Stewart and Harry Styles, the PlayStation Move was pushed to the sidelines slightly in 2012. But while the motion peripheral may have been left howling for attention louder than a member of The Wanted, it still managed to muster a selection box of software worth waving your wand about.

Best PlayStation Move Game of 2012: Datura

If you go down to the woods today

Few games prompt essays dedicated to uncovering their meanings, but Polish studio Plastic managed to puzzle even the most intelligent players with its ethereal first-person adventure, Datura. Supporting the PlayStation Move as an optional – but ultimately essential – accessory, the spiritual successor to the equally strange Linger in Shadows offered one of the most thought-provoking experiences of 2012.

While the game may not have boasted the most sturdy motion mechanics of the year, the downloadable oddity intrigued by virtue of its premise alone. Wandering through dense foliage in pursuit of petrified pigs, freeing frightened hostages detained beneath layers of ice, and manoeuvring vehicles through dim dual carriageways – the experimental exclusive delivered a three-hour acid trip rich with memorable set-pieces and genuinely perplexing plot beats.

Datura delivered a three-hour acid trip rich with memorable set-pieces

Furthermore, as an undeniably niche experience, it served as another shining example of Sony’s willingness to commission projects that dare to do something a little bit different. There’s simply nothing else like Datura – and while minor technical issues may have let it down at launch, its underlying ambitions were bold enough to push it above its motion controlled peers in our poll.

“Everyone at Plastic is really proud of this award,” said lead designer Michal Staniszewski. “It’s highly unexpected, and we feel motivated to experiment with new genres in the future.”

Runner Up: Sports Champions 2

King of the ring

Sports Champions 2 has prompted many a sweaty brow in the Push Square office since its release in October, so it’s no surprise to see Zindagi Games’ excellent motion controlled compilation earn a spot in our game of the year rundown.

With fewer calibration screens – but the same showpiece accuracy as its predecessor – and a laundry list of new sports, the slick sequel may have missed out on the top prize, but it can still wear its runner up rosette with pride.

Honourable Mentions: PixelJunk 4am, Sorcery, Wonderbook: Book of Spells.

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