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PlayStation 3

  • US 30th Oct 2012
  • EU 31st Oct 2012
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  • Review Sports Champions 2 (PlayStation 3)


    The original Sports Champions may have been conceived as a direct response to the Wii Sports phenomenon, but beyond its surface accessibility it offered a subtlety that went missing on players looking for little more than a party game. Obfuscated by its shoddy art style and limited multiplayer options, the PlayStation Move launch title’s...

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Sports Champions 2 News

  • Feature How a Picnic Shaped the Development of Sports Champions and Its Sequel

    Motion in the ocean

    Despite the device being on the market for over two years now, few developers have managed to get the same precision out of the PlayStation Move as Zindagi Games. The second-party studio – which is based in the heart of sunny California – describes itself as a motion control specialist, having already shipped three top titles...

  • News Sports Champions 2 Is Serious Business According to This Ad

    Have you got what it takes?

    The Olympics may be over – but there’s an even more exciting sporting event about to take place in your living room. Sony has released the European television spot for Sports Champions 2, and it takes things pretty seriously. We’re not a big fan of obviously silly advertisements like this, but at least it raises a...

  • Preview Hitting Some Winners with Sports Champions 2

    Down the line

    The furore surrounding the introduction of new motion peripherals back in 2010 meant that the excellent Sports Champions got lost in the shuffle. Sony pushed the mini-game compilation as the first must-have title for the PlayStation Move, but post-release discussion almost always centred on the title’s technology rather than the game...

  • News Sony Serves Up Sports Champions 2 on 31st October

    Be the best

    Sports Champions 2 will move onto European store shelves on 31st October, publisher Sony has announced. A North American release date was confirmed last week. The PlayStation Move sequel boasts a variety of events, including boxing, skiing, bowling, tennis, golf and an updated version of archery. It will also allow you to design your...

  • News Sports Champions 2 Smashes onto PS3 on 30th October


    Sony has announced that it will serve up Sports Champions 2 on 30th October in North America. The PlayStation Move-powered compilation will boast a handful of new sports, including tennis, golf, skiing, bowling and boxing. It’ll also feature an updated version of archery. Unlike the previous Sports Champions, you’ll now be able to create...

  • News No, Sports Champions 2 Will Not Have Online Multiplayer


    If you were hoping to hit the PlayStation Move powered links of Sports Champions 2 with your digital buddies online, then it’s probably time to start making some long overdue get-together arrangements. Developer Zindagi Games has confirmed that online multiplayer is off the cards, with development focusing on local party play instead...

  • News Zindagi Reveals Sports Champions 2

    What took so long?

    If there's one Move game everyone liked, it's Sports Champions, so it's excellent news that Zindagi Games and Sony San Diego Studios are working together on Sports Champions 2 for PlayStation Move. The line-up of sports mixes new with old, and includes bowling, tennis, golf, skiing, archery and boxing. It'll support two players...

About The Game

Sports Champions 2, sequel to the best-selling PlayStation Move title, is getting back in the ring with an exciting range of new sports.

Using single or double motion controllers, you will have the opportunity to compete against friends in all-new events including Boxing, Golf, Bowling, Skiing and Tennis, and hit the bullseye with an updated Archery mode. Sport Champions 2 will bring your family a fun and competitive experience that everyone will want to be a part of.

With the new Party Mode you will have the chance to compete with friends and family in custom and multi-sport tournaments. Create player profiles with individual stat tracking and customise your character to personalise your sports experience.

Everything you loved about the original Sports Champions is right here in the sequel; Cup play (solo campaign), Free Play, Challenges (arcade events), online leaderboards and Facebook connectivity will all feature in the exciting new game. All of this combined with full stereoscopic 3D support plus PlayStation®Network features make Sports Champions 2 the must have fun filled family sports game in 2012.