If this year proves to be the last for Sony’s short-lived PlayStation Minis initiative, then at least the platform holder can boast that the service bowed out with a bang. Sure, the selection of bite-sized blockbusters may have struggled to fill the bottom layer of a cheap box of chocolates, but slim pickings are satisfactory when everyone's rocking a marzipan and strawberry centre.

Best PlayStation Minis Game of 2012: Velocity

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Over the years, Brighton-based outfit FuturLab has earned itself a place amongst the PlayStation elite. Coconut Dodge, the seaside studio’s first release, demonstrated the developer’s eager eye for addictive gameplay and fast-paced arcade action. But while the sun-drenched downloadable plotted the company’s drive towards stardom, Velocity provided the petrol money and the Cliff Richard CD.

Eschewing the sophomore slump like an agile aircraft, the organisation’s slick shooter offered some much needed sustenance for our software-starved PlayStation Vitas way back in May. Armed with a scorching synth-driven soundtrack produced by Killzone composer Joris de Man and a delightful throwback art style, the supposedly slender release garnered a firm recommendation in our review.

Velocity remains some of the most fun you can find on a PlayStation platform

But it wasn’t just the game’s pretty presentation that prompted our acclaim. The title’s brilliant teleport mechanic – allowing you to dash around increasingly complex arenas like a crazed cartoon character – provided the game with an underlying originality that few PlayStation Minis even strive to achieve. Fast, smart, and lovingly crafted from start to finish, Velocity remains some of the most fun you can find on a PlayStation platform.

“We’re very grateful to Push Square for recognising our futuristic shmup,” James Marsden, FuturLab’s managing director, beamed. “We shall certainly wear this accolade with pride as we keep our standards high throughout 2013.”

Runner Up: Canabalt

Sprinting superstar

The PlayStation Minis port of Canabalt has been sprinting around our simple minds ever since it hopped onto Sony’s digital storefront earlier this year. But while the straightforward free runner didn’t quite have enough puff to outpace FuturLab’s fantastic winner, it still deserves a mention for securing second position in our staff poll.

Originally released as a free-to-play browser game, Semi-Secret Software’s single button adventure has been ported to almost every platform under the sun. And while this bare bones edition may lack the functionality of its snazzy smartphone counterpart, it still serves as a staunch reminder of the pint-sized platformer’s addictive qualities.

Honourable Mentions: Breakquest: Extra Evolution, Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims, Wizorb.

What was your favourite PlayStation Minis game of 2012? Do you agree with our winners? Let us know in the comments section below.